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ANUWI Pre-2007 member’s water publications


  • Proust, Katrina and Barry Newell (2006). Catchment and Community: Towards a management-focused dynamical study of the ACT water system. Actew Project WF-30038, Final Report, July 2006. Australian National University, Canberra.
    [Download, PDF, 1300KB]
  • Morgan M, Strelein L and J Weir. 2006 "Authority, knowledge and values: Indigenous Nations engagement in the management of natural resources in the Murray-Darling Basin", in M Langton, O Mazel, L Palmer, K Shain and M Tehan (eds) Settling with Indigenous peoples, The Federation Press, Sydney
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  • Gunningham and Sinclair (2005) “Policy Instrument Choice and Diffuse Source Pollution”, Journal of Environmental Law, 17(1), 51-81
  • Gunningham and Sinclair (2005) “Regulating Intensive Agricultural Pollution”, Australian Journal of Environmental Management, 12,19-29
  • Gunningham and Sinclair (2005) “Regulating Water Pollution from Light Industry: Lessons from the Swan-Canning, Environment and Planning Law Journal, 22,328-349
  • Gordon (2005) "Innovative economic mechanisms for addressing agricultural non-point source water pollution", Environmental and Planning Law Journal, 22, 55


  • Gunningham and Sinclair (2004) “Curbing Non-Point Source Pollution: Lessons from the Swan-Canning”, Environmental and Planning Law Journal, 21,181-199
  • Gunningham and Sinclair (2004) “Non-Point Source Pollution, Voluntarism and Policy Failure: Lessons from the Swan-Canning”, Environmental and Planning Law Journal, 21,93-106
  • Morgan M, Strelein L and J Weir. 2004. Indigenous Rights to Water in the Murray Darling Basin: In support of the Indigenous final report to the Living Murray Initiative, Research Discussion Paper # 14, Native Title Research Unit, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Canberra


  • Gunningham (2003) “Voluntary and Negotiated Agreements in Agriculture: Towards A Partnership Approach to Resource Management”, The Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy, 8(1), 1-28


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