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ANU Water Initiative


The protection and management of our limited water resources is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our age.The need to develop and solve priority research questions on water is a responsibility and opportunity for institutions such as universities which have the resources and skills to assess major policy initiatives. This has been enunciated by Sustainable Water Management being a National Research Priority Goal. The ANU Water Initiative will position ANU to respond to this need. Moreover, the ANU Water Initiative will make a significant contribution to the development and successful implementation of sustainable water policies for Australia and the region, for the long term.


The four core themes divide the whole into ‘conceptual regions’ that cover the most significant issues in an inherently integrative manner. Within the themes the issues are complex, requiring multisectoral and multidisciplinary approaches, and involving many stakeholders with different interests and policy agendas. The relationship between the research themes is similarly important for the integration of rural, peri-urban and urban water systems and management.

The four core themes are:

  • Water Resources and the Rural Sector
  • Water Resources under Climate Variability
  • Water Resources and Urban Systems
  • Water Resources and Human Health
    and Well-Being


Karen Hussey
Dr Karen Hussey
Chair, ANU Water Initiative
Email: Karen Hussey
Quentin Grafton
Professor Quentin Grafton
Co - Chair, ANU Water Initiative
Email: Quentin Grafton

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